Mortgage Rates in NJ

Mortgage Rates in NJ

Mortgage Rates in NJ

Citizens Bank Mortgage Rates NJ provides New Jersey consumers industry leading Mortgage programs and services. Our organization specializes in Refinancing and Mortgages. Citizens Bank Mortgage Rates NJ has become NJ’s Industry leader. Our local customer service personnel are looking forward to helping you. For additional information contact us at: 732-391-1800. There are a lot of mortgage companies in NJ. With so many NJ mortgage lenders to choose from, and mortgage rates at all-time lows, one would expect to find really exceptional deals and offers. The problem is that it is often hard to differentiate between many NJ mortgage lenders because they have almost identical offers. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Citizens Bank is revolutionizing NJ mortgages. Known for its customer service and competitive offers, Citizens Bank now offers NJ residents an alternative to the same-old mortgage process. Since customer satisfaction is its top priority, Citizens Bank is proud to offer competitive offers for homeowners and prospective homeowners alike. While the mortgage lending process can take months with other lenders, Citizens Bank offers some of the fastest closings in the business. This confidence is evidenced by its 45-day closing guarantee. Your mortgage process will be completed in forty five (45) days, or else Citizens Bank will credit you $500. It’s really that simple. Why risk getting delayed with other lenders when there is a guarantee this strong?

This 45-day closing guarantee is just one of the ways that Citizens Bank differentiates itself from other mortgage companies in NJ. But there are many other unique offers for new customers. Citizens Bank offers a first-time home buyer program that runs alongside many of their other offers, such as an application refund at the time of closing. Whether you are looking for a 10 year, 15 year, 20 year, or 30 year loan, you won’t find a better deal than Citizens Bank. Additionally, Citizens Bank offers competitive construction loans, high-rise condo loans, and second house mortgages. You definitely won’t find these options at many other mortgage companies in NJ.

Citizens Bank Mortgage Rates NJ works hard everyday to prove that taking out a mortgage doesn’t have to be an abnormally lengthy process. Regardless of what kind of home loan you are looking for, Citizens Bank will develop a program custom fit to your needs. However in many cases, even the 45-day guarantee may not be fast enough. When storms or natural disasters strike, Citizens Bank is right there to help you rebuild your lives. That is why Citizens Bank is one of the mortgage companies in NJ to offer Hurricane Sandy home renovation loans. Whatever the emergency may be, Citizens Bank is there to help, offering 24/7 emergency phone support to both new and existing customers. If an emergency strikes, you can talk to a certified mortgage lender any time of day. They will walk you through your options and help to give you much needed peace of mind. This is unheard of in the mortgage industry.

Citizens Bank has now opened up mortgage branches in New Jersey, and its focus on customer service and competitive offers has already started taking the industry by storm. With mortgage rates at their lowest, it is important to take advantage of them. But all mortgage companies in NJ are not created equal. With its 45 day closing guarantee and wide variety of mortgage options, look no further than Citizens Bank for all of your lending needs. To talk with a LIVE, certified mortgage lender, feel free call 732-391-1800 to begin the mortgage process. Current mortgage rates NJ calculator

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